Beautiful Dreamer

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Beautiful Dreamer

Beautiful one

Come fly by my dreams

As we drift on moonbeams

Beautiful darling

Beautiful one

Come swing by my abode

As we devour sweet a la mode

Beautiful Wanderer

Beautiful one

Come wander into my heart

For unto death do we part

My Beautiful one

My Beautiful Dreamer


Eating Unfiltered Noise
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Music to my ears

A story unwritten

Pouring out of my mouth

Into the evening sky

I stare dazed

Not knowing the true heart of it

The truth behind these symphonic melodies

The notes twirl around on metal bars and beams

Whilst my brain seems to never be at ease

To have true healing

Chilling in the depths of my soul

A void finally filled

A melodious twist

To a preexisting dream

A minute

Maybe two

And then it’s done

I Wonder

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I wonder

What truly is over the rainbow

So way up high?

I wonder

Who truly is the knight in shining armor,

Who will come to save the day?

I wonder…

What can I do to save you?

My dearest Queen

Could I tell you tales of far-away lands?

And count the passing by sheep

As we drift into the realm of dreams?

How can I tell you how much I cherish you?

No matter how many times I say it

It seems I can never truly tell the full extent of it

So many wonderful stories I could tell

Of the great joy you have given to all of us

Fantasy is great

Yet sometimes the truth is even more beautiful

And the truth is…

I love you.

Festive Link By:B.L.C.

Photo by: B.L.C.

Hello Fellow Bloggers! It’s been almost 4 months since I last posted, but I’m back! This one of Link(Legend of Zelda series) is one of my latest ones that I’ve drawn. For the drawing, I used a simple, but quite effective 4H pencil. I’ve been experimenting with clothing, seeing how to do wrinkles and etc.. Designing the yukata was a little tricky since I’m more familiar with doing female clothing than male. It was definitely interesting  experimenting with doing a simple, yet festive yukata.

Thank you for staying with me after the long wait  and I can’t wait to do more on this lil old blog of mine. See ya soon!

Moogle Girl and Veemon: By B.L.C.

Moggle Girl and Veemon (Sketch)
Photo By: B.L.C. (Early Sketch)
Moggle Girl and Veemon (Testing Colors)
Photo By: B.L.C. (Testing colors)
Moogle Girl and Veemon (Finished Version).jpg
Photo By: B.L.C. (Finished Product!)

So I guess the title of this probably sounds kinda weird, but this is for a really good friend’s of mine birthday. He’s a really big Veemon fan (Digimon series) and I love moogles so… Yeah! So for you out there on this special day I just wanted to say this…

Happy Birthday! Hope ya like it and have a wonderful day!!! ^-^

I’m Weird

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Roads to my


I’m weird

So I’ve heard

I’m weird

So I’ve told myself

A strange little word we live in

Just as strange as I

A world so full of weirdness

Yet everyone is so caught up in the normal

So strange

So weird

And so am I

One could say I’m normal

Someone else could say I’m weird

Anyone could say I’m average

Another could say I’m insane

And to those people

I must say

You’re all right

Normal in a sense I’m human

Weird in a sense I’m not normal

Average in a way that I love weirdness

And insane cause that’s the average me

I’m weird

And I could say I hate it

But I just simply love it

Even if it is a little odd

That’s just me


And I

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Kingdom Hearts Aqua by: B.L.C.

Aqua by B.L.C..jpg

So… Here’s my artwork for the 15th anniversary of one of my favorite video game series of all time: Kingdom Hearts!

15 years, the world has been blessed to be able to play through this amazing series. 15 years… and to celebrate it tonight, I’m going to share with you just why I love this series so much. So sit back, get comfy, and trust me, it’s going to be a long one (Or you can skip this entirely and just enjoy the picture, I’m fine with either one).

Ahh yes… Kingdom Hearts. So just why do I love this series so much? Well… I remember way back in the good old days of my childhood, there was this game on our old Playstation 2 called “Kingdom Hearts 2” (we didn’t have the first game which is just “Kingdom Hearts”). I remember watching my sisters play that game and just falling in love with it. It wasn’t until last December that I was actually able to play this game for the first time since our old PS2 had broken years ago. After finally playing it for myself for the first time, well… let’s just say I about cried through the whole entire game because of how much my nostalgic LOVE for this game was. Did I mention this was my favorite video game series of all time?

So what is Kingdom Hearts about? In Kingdom Hearts, you play as a young boy named “Sora”. In this game, you go to different Disney themed worlds with Donald and Goofy by your side. Though strangely enough, it also has Final Fantasy characters in it, but even with this strange combination, it somehow creates this beautifully unique experience. Even more surprising, it has one of the most complex and hard to understand stories I’ve ever seen in a video game. Everything makes sense, and yet, it doesn’t at all (You’d know what I mean if you’ve played the games before). Though it’s not just the story that I love about it. The music, the visuals, the life that is just bursting into this game that (might I remind you) came out years ago… it’s just simply amazing. I just want to thank Tetsuya Nomura and all the other amazing people at Square Enix who have worked on these games over the past 15 years!

Oh! I almost forgot to mention this, but the character that I drew is from one of the side games in the series called, “Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep”. Her name is Aqua, and I won’t go too deep into what happens to her (Trust me, I’ve already spoiled waayyyy too much), but let’s just say… “Darkness” happens to her. And a WHOLE LOT of it.

Anyways, Happy Blogging out there folks! And, “May your heart be your guiding key!”. ; )