I’m in Love with a Ghost

www. magic 4 walls. (with com (in love with a ghost

Do you know what to say to a ghost?

Each night I think of what to say

Each day I think of what could’ve been

Just to speak those words a little sooner

Do you know how to smile at a ghost?

Though it’s been so many years since we last met

I can’t help but cry

A beautiful friendship is what we had

And yet…

I gave it all away

Confused and depressed

I couldn’t think

Was it you who left me?

Or was it truly me?

How can you see a ghost?

When for most of your life you’ve been trying so hard not to

Every time I saw your face

I couldn’t believe it was you

Too many years had passed

I was too shocked and confused

Was it really you in there?

How can you say “I’m sorry” to a ghost?

When for most of your life that’s all you’ve been saying

“I’m sorry I left you!”

“I’m sorry I never spoke to you!”

I had so many chances

Such high hopes

To one day see you again

Maybe in heaven

Oh my dear friend

If I could just tell you one more thing

If I could just reach back into the past

And finally gain enough courage to talk to you once more

I’d hold you close in my arms

As my tears softly intertwine with yours

And I’d whisper silently in your ear

“I’m in love with a ghost…”


Dedicated to my best friend who died a month ago. I know it’s been a while, but I hope you know that I’ll always remember to keep our promise we made all those years ago, “I’ll never forget you.”.

Photo found at: favim.com




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