Undertale Frisk by : B.L.C.

undertale frisky 2
Photo by: B.L.C.

Whew! It was really hard trying to get this one edited since it’s one of my biggest drawings I’ve done yet! So who is this in the picture? This is the main character, Frisk from a very popular indie game called “Undertale”. So now you are probably wondering “What is Undertale?”. So many things make this game what it is. Friendship, bravery, courage, and most of all DETERMINATION! An amazing story awaits anyone who dares venture deep into the tale of what is one of my favorite games of all time.

Also, be sure to give credit to the original artist (which is me) if you wish to use this picture, though just be sure to get my permission first before using it.


Anyways, stay determined out there my fellow bloggers! ; )


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