Colorful Demeanor

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I felt Purple

A dark and murky kind
With splotches of blacks and blues
I was covered head to toe

I felt Blue

I was alone
Yet the sky still shined down on me
Just like every other day
A blue that would run through my veins
Into my very heart
I wonder
Would I ever feel anything else?

I felt Green

Calm and yet not quite at ease
Soft grass cradled my broken mind
And spread across it
Into the cracks it went
Until it had grown into it’s own little world
Fresh fruit ripe for picking
Wild flowers grew from my finger tips
I was alive with so many
How could I ever be alone again?

I felt Yellow

A bright shining face came up from the horizon
It glazed over the meadows with it’s rambunctious colors
A bit annoying for my tranquil demeanor
But I guess after a while
It’s kinda grown on me
Yet as the sun sets
I see the coming orange cast over me

Then I felt Orange

The clouds once so pure
Now too many colors to count
Though the yellow must come to an end
The dawn of something even greater
Is too much to give up on this chance
To see all the colors of life…
I closed my eyes to sleep away the black covered air
And when I awoke

I saw Red

Red dripped from my arms
Why did it hurt so much?
Brown thorns burst out of the ground
I felt like it was ripping everything from me
Everything I once had…
Though what was it taking from me?
A tangle of weeds growing from my heart
Rotting fruit fell from my lips
I felt like my world was dying…

And then I saw White

The absence of color
The absence of anything
Pure and beautiful
White covered the earth in it’s cool blanket
My dirt covered hands were clean
The colors of life were slowly being washed away

And then I felt Love

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