Doodles by B.L.C.

Doodles Confirmed
Photo by: B.L.C.

Happy April Fool’s Day to all you folks and fools out there!

Random Person, “Wait… is this a prank? Is this a JOKE?”

Me, “I don’t think so…”

Random Person, “THEN WHAT IS IT????”


Random Person, “Ha! I knew something was off…”

Me, “I didn’t know what to do for April Fool’s so… I was lazy and did this…”

Random Person, “Wait…Really?”

Me, “Yup”

Random Person, “Huh…”

Me, “Yup… So… I’ll just be going now…”

And thus that is the story of why I posted this today.


Also, just be sure to give credit to the original artist (which is me) if you wish to use this picture, just be sure to get my permission before using it. And if you don’t… hehe…. Well… I don’t think April fool’s day will be so “Happy” anymore… (Just kidding!!! but honestly just don’t use it with out my permission and so on… alright?)


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