About me

So… Hello fellow nerds, geeks, writers, and wordpress bloggers! So I’m guessing you came here searching for a story, correct? Well, get comfy and grab some popcorn cause here is the epic tale of one nerd and her blog.

Our story begins here with a simple, ordinary girl. She was a girl like any other yes, but she was unlike anything the world had ever know before. A strange girl who seemed normal on the outside, but who she truly was on the inside… well I suppose you’ll be seeing a lot of it as I post more stuff. Anyways… I’ll tell you in brief who she was or else I’ll be a book writer instead of a blogger. She was… A WRITER!!! She loved writing stories full of ancient lore and mystical lands. She cherished each and every moment she had as she slowly developed her characters one by one. Each and everyone she knew by name. She was also an Artist. Her pencil softly scanned the soft white pages, carefully calculating each and every stroke. The doodles and creatures she brought to life with only the tip of her pen. Oh her sweet beloved heart, valued every moment with them. A Musician was another thing she was. The notes glided off the piano and into the air with great speed. From a soft lament, to  a cheerful waltz, in her heart, she danced to them all.  She was also an extremely big Gamer. Her nerdy attitude and adorkable personality made her loved by all who knew her. She memorized much lore and many backstories from various franchises(Though out of all of them, Kingdom Hearts was always her favorite story to hear). She savored every hour of play time, even if it did mean that most of those were due to rage during boss fights. She is so many things, and yet, she is simply a young, dorky girl. She is ordinary in every way, except for her impeccable imagination and loving heart. As I go along, I can’t wait to tell you even more of her stories, about her and her many imaginative worlds.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy my many stories on my odd little blog. Happy blogging out there folks!

Picture found at:kirby-master2017.deviantart.com

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